• 中傷・脅迫・経済的もしくは精神的に損害や不利益を与えるもの
  • 性表現をいたずらに歪んだ状態で表現しているもの
  • 刺激が非常に強く嫌悪感が強い暴力シーンを表現しているもの
  • いたずらに過度な思想を押し付けるもの
  • 反社会的行為を賛美し、これを過度に助長しているもの
  • 人種、信条、職業、性別、宗教などを不当に差別して表現しているもの
  • カルト的宗教活動、過度な政治活動を表現しているもの
  • 過度な残虐シーン、刺激性をいたずらに誇張し、またはそれが模倣に結びつくと予想されるもの
  • 明らかに幼児を対象とした性的表現がされているもの
  • 実写を主体とした作品であるもの。 ただし次に掲げる場合は該当しません。
    1. 写真を背景に用いる場合など主体性のないもの
    2. 加工を行うことにより実質的に写真と判断できないもの
    3. 小説の表紙として使用するもの

We will give a detailed explanation about the illustrations posted by anipra.

anipra illustrations cannot contain inappropriate, nervous, upset, disgusting, or extremely unpleasant or offensive illustrations. The following is an example of such an illustration.

・Slur, threat and something damage and disadvantage are economical or to which are given mentally
・The one to which sex expression is being expressed in the warped state in vain
The one it’s very exciting and to which a hate sense is expressing a strong violent scene
・Something on which an excessive thought is forced in vain
The one by which an antisocial act is being praised and this is being promoted excessively
・The one which discriminates against the race, a principle, occupation, the gender and a religion unfairly and is expressing
The one to which cult-like religious ・・・activities and excessive political activity are being expressed
Excessive cruel scene and something expected that exaggerates stimulative in vain or that’s related to imitation
Something by which the sexual expression which made an infant the subject clearly is done

  • The case when concealment processing (mosaics) is done is the area where the common-sensicality top is permitted, not this limit.
    Something the work mainly composed of taking a picture. But, next when raising, it isn’t relevant.
    1.Something which has no independence when using a picture for a background
    2.Something which can’t be judged as a picture substantially by processing it
    3.Something to use as a cover of the novel
  • When an improper expression is included to less than 18-year-old person, it can’t be used as a cover of the novel.
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